Contract Supplement Manufacturing

Building your own custom nutraceutical supplement formula, can be a big and daunting task to take one.

With over 45 years of supplement manufacturing experience, Vox Nutrition can easily help you formulate and brand your custom formula to help you stand out from your competition.


Getting Started With A Custom Supplement Formula

Whether you are looking to build a custom pre-workout, a revolutionizing vitamin supplement or a new pet supplement, our in house team of professionals can help you work through the process from concept to reality, to insure you end up with the best supplement possible.

Before we can help you build the industry’s next big product, here are a few things you will need to consider and need to work out.

  • What type of supplement are you looking to create?
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Vitamin Supplement
    • Herbal Supplement
    • Pet Supplement
    • etc
  • Are you Looking for any unique specification?
    • Gluten-free
    • organic
    • etc
  • What do you want your supplement to d0?
  • Is there a similar product on the market?
  • Do you have your supplement formula worked out?
    • List of ingredients and how much of each?
    • Servings per container?
  • What is your Target Price point?
  • What is your desired form of delivery?
    • Capsules?
    • Tablets?
    • Powder?

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