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Private Label Beauty Supplements & Products

The Beauty industry is estimated to be worth more than $24 Billion dollars each year. It is also one of the fastest growing industries growing up to 7% each year. That makes private labeling beauty supplements and products a must for any nutritional company wanting to break in or grow within the market.

At Vox Nutrition we have researched and have found the best selling beauty supplements every company should be selling. With that in mind we have also formulated a variety of hair and beauty supplements and products that not only use quality ingredients but are also extremely effective. Strengthen your company’s brand and build a loyal customer base by private labeling these different vitamin supplements. You can see our latest private label supplement formula updates here.

Hair Skin & Nails
private label hair skin and nails vitamin supplement

Private label Prenatal vitamin supplement

private label biotin vitamin supplement

Vitamin C Serum
private label Vitamin C serum vitamin supplement

private label phytoceramides vitamin supplement

Coconut Oil
private label coconut oil vitamin supplement

Anti-Aging Cream
private label anti-aging cream skin care product

Eye Treatment Cream
private label eye treatment cream skin care product

Anti-Wrinkle Cream
private label anti-wrinkle cream skin care product

Moisturizer Cream
private label moisturizer cream skin care product

Instant Face Lift
private label instant face lift skin care product

After Shave Lotion
private label after shave lotion skin care product

Beard Oil
private label beard oil, fragrance free scented supplement

Hair Oil
private label hair oil unscented hair care supplement

Beard Balm

private label beard balm thors hammer scented skin and hair care product


Other Private Label Supplements we offer: