3 Companies Working Together For You

Over the years we at Vox Nutrition have continually tried to make it as easy as possible for people to start, and grow their own private label supplement company. We did this by doing things different than any other private label supplement manufacturer in the industry.

We combined the expertise and ease of the different parts of a private label business all under one roof. Adding to Vox Nutrition our manufacturing, bottling, Labeling, printing, all under one roof. We have also continually added more products and industries for customers to grow their business. Then came our high demand for drop shipping and fulfillment services, which inspired us to add our sister company, Ship Central into the mix.

Benefits of Ship Central

benefits of drop shipping your private label supplements with ship central

Ship Central has saved our customers hundred of thousands of dollars in shipping expenses and fulfillment time. With free product shipping to the New Ship Central Warehouse when manufacturing from the Vox Manufacturing Facility. More people have taken advantage of their awesome shipping and fulfillment services.

3 Problems Of Starting a Private Label Supplement Company

3 things holding you back from investing in private label supplements

With all of the progress we have made over the years and after helping so many people build their own business. We found that there were still a few things that held people back from getting started their own private label supplement business.

High Minimum Orders

The most common question we get when people first contact us to start their supplement business is what is your minimum order quantity. We get this more than any other because people want to be able to fill their site up with as many relevant products as possible without completely blowing through their biggest concern MONEY.

Start Up Costs

That brings us to our next huge problem of what keeps people from taking that leap of faith to start their own company and that is Start Up Costs. When you are getting started you may have the idea, the marketing plan, and in many cases even the market or the customers. What people don’t have is a ton of money to invest in all the product they want sell to their customers. When¬†people do have the money they still have, the frustration of the turn around time.

Turn around Time

The turn around time from investment to profit is the last thing that scares people from getting started. The time of unknown from ordering, to getting the product, to actually selling it online or in their stores, to putting the profit back in their pockets. This is the hardest thing to deal with and manage in any new business.

Introducing On Demand Fulfillment

introducing our new On Demand private Label Supplement Fulfillment services

With these 3 problems in mind we sought out to find a way to make it easier for entrepreneurs to break out and start their own company. As well as existing businesses to expand their stores online with virtually no risk. So we are proud to announce our new sister company On Demand Fulfillment.

On Demand Fulfillment allows our new and existing customers to start/expand their nutrition companies with no minimum orders, minimal start up costs, without the hassle of storing or shipping product once it is sold.

How On Demand Fulfillment Works

It works much like many affiliate programs out there with 2 major exceptions. 1- You get to sell your own product and not someone else’s. Allowing you to build YOUR brand and not someone else’s. 2- you make all the profit not just a portion¬†of what was sold.

Selling private label supplements with On Demand Fulfillment is as simple as.

  1. Choose Your Plan and Products You Want To Sell
  2. Design your Label or Have Us Design It For You
  3. Add your products to your online store
  4. Connect your Sites Shopping Cart To our Inventory/Shipping Software
  5. When someone buys from your site we add your company label to the product they choose and ship it for you.

This is the easiest way to start your company for as little as $100 out of your pocket. You only pay for product once someone orders, you keep all the profits, and all you have to do is market and sell on your site.

Get Started With On Demand Fulfillment Today

With On Demand Fulfillment it has never been easier to start your own supplement business online. Get started with your business today by contacting us at 1-800-795-7161 or by contacting us here.

3 Companies Working Together For You
3 Companies Working Together For You
Vox Nutrition has once again revolutionized the private label supplement industry. Introducing our new On Demand Fulfillment company. Learn more here.
Vox Nutrition

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