Introducing Private Label Beard Balm

Ever since we introduced our private label beard oil last year, we have had an increasingly large amount of customers ask for more products to add to their line of beard care products.

So due to the high demand our customers have had, Vox Nutrition is proud to announce our new line of private label beard balm products. This new line of beard care products is set to help business owners grow their business by giving them another industry leading product.

Why Sell Private Label Beard Balm

According to a report from Fox Business beard care products have becoming so popular that they have started to out sell shaving products, such as razors. With the rise of movements like Movember becoming increasingly more popular.

Providing your customers with more options to take care of their beards,¬†can dramatically help boost your company’s beard care sales.

Benefits Of Beard Balm

benefits of private label beard balm beard care products

Beard oil is great for keeping the skin under the beard itch free, moisturized and healthy. However Beard Balm helps tame and shape your beard while also sealing in the hair’s moisture, to give you soft and smooth facial hair.

Our Industry leading beard balm is formulated with the highest quality of butters, oils, and beeswax. Using the best ingredients insures our balms are smooth and not gritty, while giving your beard the shape it needs without looking greasy.

  • Eliminates Beard Frizz
  • Shapes & Tames Unruly Beard Hair
  • Smooths and Softens Hair
  • Gives a Non Greasy Beard Finish

10 Different Beard Balm Scents

different private label beard balm scents

Our industry leading beard balm comes in 10 different scents to give your customers a wide variety of fragrances and ways to shape and style your beard. Below are our different scents.

  • Unscented – Fragrance Free
  • Warrior – The true smell of a battle ready man
  • Urban Night – The perfect scent for a night out in the city
  • Campfire Cody – The scent of the great outdoors
  • The Outlaw – The pure scent of the old west
  • Woodstock – Combination of patchouli, sandalwood and bergamot
  • Whiskey River – The Sweet Scent of the South
  • The Professional – The Scent of the modern professional man
  • Sweet 60’s – The sweet scent of the 1960’s
  • Thor’s Hammer – The Scent of a viking god

See more information and the complete scent descriptions of each of the above scent here. 

Private Label Your Beard Care Products 

With the beard care industry looking to be worth more than 6 Billion dollars in 2017, now is the perfect time for you to invest in building your own brand of products. With Vox Nutrition you have the ability to customize your product and separate yourself from the competition.

Order your beard care products today

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