Introducing Pet Supplements

Over the last few years the pet industry has seen a large demand for different vitamin products to help keep pets healthy. According to projections, sales from the pet supplements is expected to exceed over 697 million by 2019. Which is an enormous increase from the reported $541 million in 2014.

Private Label Pet Supplements Selling Online

types of private label pet supplements selling online

With 1/3 of pet owners giving their cats and dogs some sort of vitamin supplement, there is no better time to private label pet products then now. Consumers are looking for the following products that can help with pet health.

  • Obesity/Weight Management
  • Natural and Organic Supplements
  • Anti-Aging
  • Joint Health/Pain relief

Pet Supplements Available At Vox Nutrition

With the large projected growth in the pet supplement market Vox Nutrition is proud to announce our new line of private label pet supplements.  The following supplements have been proven to be successful sellers online and on amazon.

private label hip and joint formula pet supplementprivate label pet eye health and support pet supplement   private label pet tooth care pet supplement

private label cat and dog skin and coat health pet supplementprivate label turmeric hip and joint care pet supplement  private label all in one pet health pet supplement

For more information on the benefits of these supplemetns and reasons why you should private label pet supplements click here.

Learn More About Private Label Pet Supplements

Introducing Private Label Pet Supplements At Vox Nutrition
Introducing Private Label Pet Supplements At Vox Nutrition
Vox Nutrition is proud to introduce our new line of private label pet supplements. Learn more about why you should consider selling pet supplements in today's market.
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