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Supplements To Stock Up For The New Year

The start of every New Year, millions of people all around the world reflect on their life and make new goals to be a better person. According to several different studies losing weight and getting healthy account for more than 60% of New Year’s resolutions. Making the new year the busiest time of year for almost every nutrition company and private labeler.

Top ten new years resolutions

Top Private Label Supplements To Have On Hand For New Years

private label supplements to order before New Years

With so many different supplements on the market it can be hard to know what your company should have on hand during the busy time of year. One of the best ways to know which supplements you should private label and have in stock, is to look at what has been the most popular through the previous year. As these supplements will still be well known and highly sought after come the start of the new year. So to make things easier here are the top private label supplements of 2016.

Private Label Weight Loss Supplements

top selling private label weight loss supplements of 2016With almost 32% of all new year’s resolutions being based around losing weight. Having a good private label weight loss supplement available for your customers to assist them in the effort is an absolute must. Below are the Top Private Label Weight Loss Supplements Of 2016.

Private Label Sports Nutrition Supplements

top selling private label sports nutrition supplements of 2016Weight loss supplements are only one small part of losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Most people serious about getting fit in 2017 will be looking for supplements that will help them not just lose weight but help them with the following.

  • Build Muscle
  • Increase Energy
  • Recover From Intense Workouts
  • Boost their Workouts

Here are some of the most common sports nutrition supplements people have learned to love and insist on when they start a new workout regimen. Which is also why they are The Top Private Label Sports Nutrition Supplements Of 2016.

Men’s Health Supplements

top private label mens health vitamin supplementsStaying fit and healthy can mean a lot of different things to different people. Men of different ages need different things to accomplish to stay healthy, and so as a result the supplements they will be looking for will be very different as the years go by. Below are The Top Selling Men’s Health Supplements Of 2016.

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 Women’s Health Supplements

top private label women's nutrition supplements of 2016Women have very different nutrition needs and therefore will need different nutrition supplements to help them reach their fitness goals. Below are The Top Selling Women’s Health Supplements Of 2016, and a handful of supplements you should start selling in the new year.

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Hair And Beauty Supplements

top selling private label hair and beauty supplements of 2016Along with living healthier lives and looking fit people are always looking for those one or two products that can help them look their best. An important part of looking good is having healthy hair. Below are The Top Selling Hair and Beauty Supplements Of 2016 and products that every supplement company should have on hand for the new year.

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Skin Care Products

top private label Skin-care products of 2016Whether you are dealing with the extreme cold or intense heat. It is important for men and women alike to have healthy, smooth and hydrated skin. Below are The Top Private Label Skin Care Products Of 2016.


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With the fastest turn around time in the industry and a wide variety of private label bottling options, private labeling has never been so easy. Place your order today and have your product ready for the wave of customers looking for help reaching their New Year’s Resolution goals.

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