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Private Label Vitamins

According to a recent poll, multi-vitamins account for almost 1/6 of all dietary supplements purchased, and with almost half of all americans taking some form of vitamin supplement daily. It is a no brainer that every company selling dietary supplements should be building their brand presence by private labeling vitamins with your company logo.

Our private label vitamins are made with the best ingredients available, to you can be sure that every vitamin supplement ordered from Vox Nutrition is of the highest quality. Private label one of our proven vitamin supplements below or contact us for more information on making a custom formula for your company. You can see our latest private label supplement updates here.

Mens Multi-Vitamin
private label men's multivitamin vitamin supplement

Women’s Multi-Vitamin
private label womens multivitamin vitamin supplement

Power Vitamin Pack
Private label vitamin power pack vitamin supplement

Hair Skin & Nails
private label hair skin and nails vitamin supplement

Private label Prenatal vitamin supplement

private label biotin vitamin supplement

Vitamin C Serum
private label Vitamin C serum vitamin supplement

Omega-3 Fish Oil
private label omega 3 fish oil vitamin supplement

Coconut Oil
private label coconut oil vitamin supplement

Vitamin B-12 Drops
private label vitamin b-12 vitamin supplement

private label l-arginine vitamin supplement

Krill Oil
private label krill oil vitamin supplement

Neuro Plus
private label brain formula vitamin supplement

private label anti anxiety vitamin supplement

Sleep Formula
private label sleep formula vitamin supplement

Eye Formula
private label eye formula vitamin supplement

Joint Support
private label joint and flex vitamin supplement

Prostate Formula
private label prostate formula vitamin supplement

Vitamin D3
private label vitamin d3 vitamin supplement

private label phytoceramides vitamin supplement

private label probiotic 40 billion vitamin supplement

Max Detox
Private label Max Detox Vitamin Supplement

Male Enhancement Formula
private label male enhancement vitamin supplement

Female Sexual Vitality
private label female sexual vitality enhancement vitamin supplement

CoQ10 Ubiquinone
private label CoQ10 Ubiquinone herbal vitamin supplements

Water Retention Relief
private label water off water retention relief vitamin supplement

Colon Sweep
private label colon cleanse vitamin supplement

private label CLA soft gel weight loss supplement

Resto Night Time Recovery
private label night time recovery sports nutrition supplement

Liver Support
private label liver support vitamin supplement

Blood Sugar Ultra
private label blood sugar control vitamin supplement

BCAA Capsules
private label BCAA capsules sports nutrition supplement

Digestive Enzyme
private label digestive enzyme vitamin supplement

Other Private Label Supplements