Private Label Bottling Options

When private labeling supplements and building your company’s brand it is important for your products to standout from the rest of your competition.

When you private label with Vox nutrition you will be able to choose from over 70 different bottling options. Having so many options will insure that your company’s supplements will match your brand.

  • Bottle Sizes
  • Bottle Colors
  • Lid Options
  • Skin Care Option

private label supplement bottle sizesVox Nutrition allows its customers to choose from a wide range of bottle sizes. Allowing you to distinguish yourself and separate your company from your competition.

Below are the different sizes available for our Private label and custom supplement customers

private label sports nutrition supplement bottle options
Private label Vitamin supplement bottle options

Custom Bottle Options

Standing out from your competition can make all the difference as you build your brand. Vox Nutrition can help you distinguish yourself from the competition with a variety of different bottling options for your custom and private label supplements. 

Choose from 6 different bottle colors to help your company's vitamin supplements stand out from the competition.

Private label bottle lid options

Along with our different bottle colors you can also choose from 6 different Lid options. To give your supplement that finishing touch to set yourself apart and help catch the attention of your customer.

Building brand awareness that keeps them coming back for more, while making them want to show off your product on their different social media platforms.

private label skin care bottle options Vox Nutrition makes getting started with private label skin care products fast and easy. Giving company owners a wide variety of skin care bottling and packaging options.

We offer 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml bottle sizes for the following skin care products.

We also have the following 10 different pump and cream containers for each of our private label skin care products:

private label skin care Upright Airless Pump Options
private label skin care and cosmetics jar options