Facility Improvements For 2017

As an industry leading private label supplement manufacturer. We are constantly making changes and upgrades to our manufacturing facility to better serve our customers. With 2017 here we have made the following changes to our facility.

Improvements To Our Manufacturing Facility 

One of the things we at Vox Nutrition have prided ourself with over the last few years, is the fact that we have the fastest turn around times in the industry. As our business has constantly grown it was necessary for us to add several new machines to our line facility. Including the following:

2 New Vitamin Encapsulators

2 new vitamin supplement encapsulators to our private label supplement manufacturing facility

With the addition of the Bosch 1505 and the Bosch 3005 encapsulator machines we have been able to increase our production times by more than 30%. Increasing our Vitamin supplement times allows us to have more product on hand at all times. Giving our customers less time their stores are out of stock by helping us maintain our fast turn around times they have enjoyed for years.

New Larger 700 Kilo Blender

new private label supplement manufacturing blender

Our new 700 Kilo blender now allows us to double our production output when blending our many different supplement blends. This new blender now gives Vox Nutrition 3 total blenders with the ability to blend over 1200 kilos at one time. Allowing us to have less down time and a faster manufacturing output.

New Private Label Supplement Bottling Line

new private label supplement bottling line

Over the last year Vox Nutrition has had the capability to bottle well over 500k bottles a month with our 2 different bottling lines. By adding an additional bottling line to our manufacturing facility by being able to bottle over 750k bottles a month.

With these new additions to our private label manufacturing facility there is no better time to order your wholesale supplements with Vox Nutrition then now. See our complete line of private label supplements here and get started today.

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